Flying Orb Ball

  • Purchase Quantity: 17000 Piece(s)
  • Sourcing Request From:Request From: Philippines
  • Date Posted: 2021-11-26 09:38
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  • Shipment Terms:FOB
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Product Description Buyer Business Info.

My name is Christine of Solving Alpha, We've been selling online in the US market, mainly on Amazon. COM since 2013 in a variety of categories, including Sports & Outdoors, Toys & Games, Health & Household, Home & Kitchen, generating more than $10m in revenue over the past 12 months.

We are looking to form a partnership with a factory that can provide higher quality consistently and reliably. Based on your company's profile and history I wanted to talk to you and see if you'd be able to manufacture our _____flying orb ball__________ at the required quality standards and at a competitive price.

To get started I would appreciate if you could please FILL OUT my attached Excel Form for the details that I need for this product. Feel Free to include your existing products for more options.

I would appreciate your collaboration to this project.
If you have Companies Certificates or Photos of your Exhibits, It would be very helpful.

Thank you and Take Care.

Christine Lim
Product Sourcing Specialist
Operations Solving Alpha

Note: It is Very Important for the Purchasing Department to have the our RFQ in EXCEL FORM, kindly take time to fill everything up.

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Ni****** Manufacturer/Factory Ningbo, Zhejiang 2021-11-26 13:28