Mr. Roger Russo
Mr. Roger Russo
Sep 27, 2002
Company Information
The Gutenberg Press
Trading Company
5-50 People
7123 Breen, Houston,Houston,Texas,United_States
The Gutenberg Press is into it's tenth year at Scarborough Faire®. Originally owned and operated by Cy Stapleton, three years ago the Press passed into the capable hands of Jim Smith and Roger Russo, both of whom had served their apprenticeships under Cy, running the demonstrations and managing the booths at the Texas Renaissance Festival and Scarborough Faire for many years.

The shop features a two-thirds scale replica of a fifteenth century common printing press - the style of which Gutenberg is likely to have used. Handcrafted by Jim and his father from the dimensions of the full-scale press, housed at the Texas Renaissance Festival, Jim is also responsible for the Dragon Wagons - the hand carts that can be rented from the counter inside the Gutenberg Press.

In addition to the history behind the printing press, the various skills of the printer are shown throughout the day with printing, typefounding and blockcutting demonstrations, with special emphasis given to the importance of the printing press on the rise of information and communications technology throughout the centuries. Questions and welcome, and you can ask Roger why he thinks the printing press was the most important invention of mankind after the wheel.

On the walls of the shop are displayed some fine examples of the printers trade. There are prints that have been hand-pulled on the old style and feature artists of the renaissance period, such as Albrecht Durer and Jost Amman. Books, both fiction and nonfiction are available, including the best-selling "99 Medieval Pick-Up Lines". There posters and humor- mini-cards and copies of "Ye Olde News," in case you happen to miss the hawkers at the front gate.

To find this educational, informative, and highly enjoyable experience at Scarborough Faire, you need look no further than the second shoppe on the right as you come thorough the front gate.

Dragon Wagons (carts for carrying the young) and wheelchairs are available beside The Gutenberg Press.
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