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As9100 Production of Electrical Harnesses According to a Drawing

  • Purchase Quantity: 1 Piece(s)
  • Sourcing Request From:Request From: Israel
  • Date Posted: 2021-11-26 10:09
  • Time Left:3D left
  • Shipment Terms:FOB
Quote Left: 7
Requirements to Supplier:
OEM/ODM experience, Preferred experienced factories, Preferred top quality products, Provide after-sale services
Product Description Buyer Business Info.
I am looking for a quality manufacturer to create on-demand harnesses electronics.
According to the aviation AS-9100 standard and for servo circuits and motors.
I would love to receive an email back to me for testing for cooperation
Contact details
And a link to the company's website
Only companies that are certified to the AS-9100 aviation standard


Quotation Record 3 supplier(s) have provided quotations. Only 7 quoting chance left!

Company Name Business Type Location Quote Time
Sh****** Manufacturer/Factory,Trading Company,Group Corporation Xi'an, Shaanxi 2021-11-27 19:30
Do****** Manufacturer/Factory Dongguan, Guangdong 2021-11-26 17:38
Do****** Manufacturer/Factory & Trading Company Dongguan, Guangdong 2021-11-26 12:45