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Booth meeting pod Recommended

  • Purchase Quantity:10 Pieces
  • Date Posted:2021-11-23
  • Quote Left:17
  • Expired Date:2021-11-27
  • Sourcing Request from: United Arab Emirates

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Meetings rooms (for Expo) samples in different sizes:
Quantity: > 10 meetings rooms, starting with one 4 person meeting pod
1- Single pod for one person to make calls
2- Meeting room for 2 people
3- Meeting room for 4

  • Self-shading windows can switch from transparent to blur with a switch clickable on the wall and smart click on the iPhone via their app
  • Smart desolate on both sides
  • Noise isolation (sound proof) meeting room for 2 people
  • Ventilation system
  • At least two sides are glass, preferably all 4 sides are glass
  • Branding opportunity (screens) on two sides, ideally 4 sides will be screens.
  • The metal side to be full display

Buyer Info

Well-known Buyer
  • SalesMENA
  • United Arab Emirates
  • An experienced trading company from Middle East and cooperated with lots of offline exhibitions in Dubai.