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Ws Two Seater Trike Chopper EEC, EPA

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  • Date Posted: 2017-06-20 02:00
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Ordering Model: Ws-250CC
Trike Chopper 250CC trike chopper EEC trike chopper EPA trike three
Wheel motorcycle leisure motorcycle 3-wheels
Power of engine: 250ccV-TWIN-CYLINDER 4 stroke air-cooling engine
Net weight of engine: 41KG
Fuel capacity: 14L
Ignition model: TCL
Max power: 12kw/800r/min +400r/min
Max troque: 17.5N. M/6000r/min300r/min
Rotate speed: 1300r/min +100r/min
Start capacity:; 15S
Headlight: 12V35W/35W/3W
Rear light: 12V 21W/5W
Turning light: 12V 10W
Transmission model: Chain driven
Drive model: Rear wheeldriver
Oil wastage: 3.2L /100KM
Brake system: Front: Hand brake (fulid drive disk brake)
Rear: Foot brake (fulid drive disk brake)
Wheelbase size: 189 cm
Creeping capacity:

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YO****** Manufacturer/Factory & Trading Company Jinhua, Zhejiang 2017-06-20 06:15