Commercial Fishing Boat

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Hi there,
We own a mussel processing factory in Venezuela, South America and we are looking for new boats for our fleet.
The boats will be used for different activities like purse seine fishing, ling line and fish traps.
The boat need the following requirements:
- Fresh water tank capaciy: 10-20 ton
- Marine arm retractable with hoist capacity 10ton
- Overall lenght 17m
- Strut: 2.5m
- Passenger capacity: 6 persons
- Main Engine, gear bax and generator: Good brand
- Boat material: Fiber glass
Please quote all the optional equipment like: Radar, fish finder, VHF radio, Satellite navigation system, boat fender.
Depending on the final price of the boat we will decide how many boats we can buy.
Look forward to seeing your quote and specification sheet.

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