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7421390592 Foot Brake

7421390592 Foot Brake

  • Purchase Quantity: 7 Piece(s)
  • Sourcing Request From:Request From: Turkey
  • Date Posted: 2017-06-19 17:15
  • Valid to:2017-06-30
  • Shipment Terms:FOB
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Dear Sir/Madam
I am Hamza CAKIRBEYLI from Dizel Turk Ankara/Turkey.
We are in Truck's spare part industry. We are one of the leading wholesalers in Turkey.
We are in need of Brake Module
7421390592 7PCS
We would prefer to buy from direct manufacturer.
Please quote us your best price
Awaiting for your kind response

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Sh****** Manufacturer/Factory Shenzhen, Guangdong 2017-06-20 14:56